Due to exceptionally high demand, we will be limiting the ThisPot Mini mushroom grow kits to 5 per customer. This allows everyone a fair chance to enjoy the product. Please do not order more than 5 mushroom grow kits at a time as it will result in delays to processing your order.

The beginner mushroom grow kit; the ThisPot Mini is recommended for beginners. The ThisPot mini mushroom grow kit grows mushrooms like magic; just inoculate, incubate and forget! ThisPot mini mushroom grow kits are designed to grow small amounts of fresh gourmet and medical mushrooms at home. They are all in one mushroom grow kits.

The smaller ThisPot mushroom grow kit is for small grows. Producing between 40 to 70 grams of fresh mushrooms. They are based on the BRF PF Tek mushroom growing substrate and are modified for more potent tasting mushrooms.

These mushroom grow kits are great for beginners and are very forgiving of mistakes. The mushroom grow kit comes with everything needed to grow your own mushrooms at home, except the mushroom spores or culture. This is a great way to gain an introduction into Fungiculture.

The smaller size, mini mushroom grow kit is designed for growing small batches of mushrooms, easily in small spaces and to test strains.

These all in one mushroom grow kits are uninoculated, ready for you to inoculate with whichever mushroom variety you want. Spore syringes and cultures are not supplied with the kit, these are supplied separately. You will require 2ml of good spore solution or culture per mushroom grow kit, then they will grow like magic. They are in the style of a European all in one mushroom growbox, and are blank, ready to be inoculated.

Included with this kit:

  • ThisPot mushroom grow kit
  • Perlite - Humidity control
  • Vermiculite - Moisture
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Humidity Tent
  • Instructions

Everything you see in the following picture of the kit is included with it.

You can also preview the instructions here or read about how to grow mushrooms.

The Mini series of mushroom grow kits are 280ml.


ThisPot Mini magic mushroom grow pot

ThisPot Mini magic mushroom grow kit

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ThisPot Mini Mushroom Grow Kit

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