Our newest mushroom grow kits for the UK.

The new ThisPot3 ™ (ThisPot Cubed™) is our new solution that bridges the gap between the DarkPot™ series and the ThisPot™ series.

The ThisPot3 ™ Maxi grow kits are designed to larger amounts of fresh mushrooms at home.

They can Produce between 200 to 400 grams of fresh mushrooms over several flushes. The ThisPot3 ™ kits are based on a highly modified and secret recipe.  These are similar in ease of use for beginner mycologists and can be used successfully for growing larger amounts of mushrooms, especially if you have had some experience with the ThisPot™ Mini or ThisPot3 ™ Mini. They ensure easy growing for beginners, as well as bigger harvests and good potency of attributes.

These are good for beginners and are forgiving of mistakes. It comes with everything needed to grow your own mushrooms at home. They are an all in one kit and require very little space to grow, approximately the same size as a 1 litre tub of ice cream. There is no need to mix multiple mixtures and no need for special hygienic chambers to work in. They can be prepared on top of a clean table or similar worktop. They are designed in a similar way to Dutch all in one mushroom grow kits.

These kits are uninoculated, ready for you to inoculate with whichever mushroom variety you want. Spore syringes and cultures are not supplied with the kit, these need to be selected separately. You will require 4ml of good spore solution or culture per kit.

Included with this kit:

  • ThisPot3 ™ Maxi
  • Perlite - Humidity control
  • Vermiculite - Moisture
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Humidity Tent
  • Instructions

New instructions available here.

The Maxi series of mushroom grow kits are 1000ml.

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ThisPot Cubed Maxi Grow Kit

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