Due to exceptionally high demand, we will be limiting the DarkPot Maxi kits to 2 per customer. This allows everyone a fair chance to enjoy the product. Please do not order more than 2 at a time as it will result in delays to processing your order.

As Queen once sang,"It's a Kind of Magic", DarkPot Maxi mushroom grow kits grow large amounts of exotic and well known species of fresh gourmet and medical mushrooms at home.

The larger DarkPot is for bigger grows. Producing between 300 to 550 grams of fresh mushrooms. These are based on a proprietary recipe, designed for more potent tasting mushrooms.

These Maxi kits are great for growers who want greater yields.  The DarkPot mushroom grow kits are designed for much faster mycelium colonisation than typical PF Tek based substrates, such as the ThisPot grow kit.  Often, because of the darker nature of the substrate, the growing white mycelium of some mushroom species can take on yellow or brown hues. This is quite normal and should not be mistaken for contamination.

The kit comes with everything needed to grow your own mushrooms at home, except the mushroom spores or cultures.

These kits are un-inoculated, ready for you to inoculate with whichever mushroom variety you want. Spore syringes and cultures are not supplied with the kit, these are supplied separately. These kits require a minimum of 4ml of spore solution.

Included with this kit:

  • DarkPot Maxi
  • Perlite - Humidity control
  • Vermiculite - Moisture
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Humidity Tent
  • Instructions - Via download included in the package

The DarkPot Maxi is a 1.2L kit, roughly the size of a 1L ice cream tub.

The instructions can be found here : DarkPot Maxi Instructions

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DarkPot Maxi Mushroom Grow Kit

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