u/ukmusha review

10/10 is all I can say, spores arrived within 24 hours of ordering, well packaged and presented.


11/10, not much more to say really.

U/ukmusha review

Ordered from him Sunday. Package was sent out next day first class. He forgot to send alcohol swab and needle and messaged me before anything arrived to say he had sent it in another package so good customer service. Haven't had chance to check under a microscope but looks all good to the eye ????????

Vendor review UkMusha

Review of u/Ukmusha * quick to respond * let me know when he had dispatched the product * package was formal and discrete Would definitely order again

Vendor Review -Ukmusha

Easy to work with, responds very quickly and package arrived in a few days. Great price and would recommend to anyone

Review for ukmusha

Gotta say, colour me impreimpressed I am new to mycology and therefore a little unsure about a lot. UKmusha was awesome, quick to respond - didn't seem to mind me being unsure of things, and generally made the whole experience as quick and painless as possible. I had queried about stock on a Thursday/Friday and got a reply straight away, with a note saying dispatch would be on Monday. Got a message on Monday saying it had been dispatched as promised and received the package today. Responsiveness - 10/10 - always got back to me quickly and messaged me as soon as package was posted. Delivery time - 10/10 - received it the next day. Packaging - 10/10 - small, discreet but protected. Helpfulness - 10/10 - even had instructions on the package of how to get it on a slide and under the scope, much appreciated. Great experience all around, thanks again u/UKmusha, will definitely be ordering again.

Review for Ukmusha

Quick service and postal! Thank you!

UKMusha review

Would highly recommend UKMusha. Quick to respond and answer questions from a complete noob. No fussing about. I received the package the day after it was sent and do not live on the UK mainland. Great experience and will definitely be back for more!

u/ukmusha review

Very quick and professionel. Delivery to Germany didn't take long. So easy and convenient. I definitely recommend this seller????

Review Ukmusha

Very friendly and professional seller. Package is spotless and arrived very quickly. Thank you very much, will be back for sure :)

Ukmusha Review

Communication and payment were super easy, and the package arrived quick. Cant wait for new varieties to the menu! Overall 10/10, great bloke.

Review for /u/UKMusha

He shipped my order very quickly. The syringe come with instruction on how to put on a slide for microscopy. Serious vendor I recommend him. 5/5

Vendor review u/UKMusha

Hello r/EuSporeHub ! It was the first time I ordered spores for my stuides from this community and I'm glad that I choose u/UKMusha. I spend him cash that took 12 days due to Covid-19 and distance but definitely worth waiting as after it arrived I recieved my package in 3 days time! It was professionally and discreetly packed. He respondes quick and kind. I'll definitely order from him again. To sum up everything 10/10. I can't wait to use my microscope and discover the beauties of biology❤

u/UkMusha review: fast to respond, cheap and fast shipping and very friendly vendor

Seller is very quick to respond and shipped the same day as payment, order came in 6 business days. Very pleasant and friendly vendor to buy from. 10/10!

UKmusha review 10/10

Excellent communication, very fast and friendly responses The products arrived looking very professional, a discreet plain box that fitted everything in it neatly. The syringes themselves were very well vacuum packed and came with caps and needles and 70% iso wipes I ordered on Thursday night and had my products Saturday morning 10/10 highly recommend supplier. I would definitely order from again

r/ukmusha Review.

Very responsive to messages, really helpful with answers and explanations. The items came in a very discreet box, with clear instructions and vacuum wrapped items. Very professional and excellent service. Thank you, r/ukmusha

u/ukmusha review

I’ve just received my rusty white syringe from u/ukmusha. I can’t recommend this vendor enough. Shipping - 10/10, was only £1.50 and I received it the next day Service - 10/10, super informative, quick responses, very kind and helpful Product - 10/10, exactly as described, packaged beautifully, with extra needles and wipes. Looks incredible under the microscope. Honestly can’t recommend this vendor anymore. You will be so happy you purchased from them!

Review u/ukmusha

Great vendor, always replied very fast and helped me out alot. My microscopic studies are doing well. Shipping took about 10 days to Germany. Overall great experience, would definitely recommend!

Review u/ukmusha

Very solid vendor, 10/10 communication, fair prices and very fast delivery. Couldn't recommend more!

u/ukmusha REVIEW

great response from when you order until you get the package. helps you make the right choice and the website works the way it should! I got the package in under 10 days! would recommend 11\\10.

Review for /r/ukmusha highly recommend.

Quick friendly replies providing plenty of information and even quicker postage and delivery. Haven’t used my spores yet but fully professional service was provided. I got the Treasure Coast variety, very excited to inoculate over the weekend.

Review for UKMUSHA

What an extraordinary gentleman. Communication 10/10 Service 10/10 Product 10/10 Delivery 10/10 I ordered a couple of MSS syringes, they arrived very quickly after speaking with the vendor. They look fantastic under the microscope. Many thanks and ???????? ChooWhoo!

Another Positive Vendor Review for u/UKMusha

Was my first choice in choosing a UK vendor and I'm glad to say they've been fantastic. Shipping is fast, communication is very fast and clear, and the product itself is great. Discreet parcel, no fuss. Thanks very much.

Review for u/ukmusha

Brilliant service. Replied to emails immediately / fast delivery / everything was as promised. Thanks!

Review of ukmusha

I bought an Ecuador spore syringe, it took 14 days to arrive. Very nice seller and they answered all my questions. Packaging was also great with the syringe in a vacuum sealed bag 10/10 would reccomend!! :-)

Review for u/ukmusha

10/10 Ordered late Thursday, shipped on friday, with me on Saturday (I'm uk based obviously). Nice bit of kit, cheers!

Review for UKMusha

Ordered 1x wet sticker. Came promptly and immaculately packaged. Sticker sealed. Came with an alcohol wipe and spare tip. Good communication and product. 100% recommended.

Review of UK Musha

Very smooth purchase, no-nonsense ordering, super quick dispatch, microscopy samples arrived in a few days, professionally packaged. We'll see how the studies will go, but so far so good! Recommended!

Review of UKMusha

u/ukmusha's site is easy to use and the P&P is fast, discrete, and cheap. Very helpful in our communications and the kits helped me learn enough to try my own tek from another sub. *Highly* recommended, especially if you're just starting out!

good review of UKmusha

good quality, well packaged; prompt and helpful customer service. 10/10

u/ukmusha review

Thank you, UK Musha, for the great service. Easy to order, has prices in euro and the payment method is also convenient. Fast sending, good package. 10/10

UK Musha - after sales review

I've had quite badly contaminated batch and was suspecting a contaminated syringe. Got back to u/ukmusha who took time to analyse my workflow and offer a ton of practical advice - all this within an hour or two! Even though we've agreed that there was a slim chance of the syringe being the culprit, he sent another one my way the very same day. Some brilliant customer support, super fast! That's how you get loyal customers these days.

ukmusha 10/10

5 syringes, 4 amazingly clean and perfect for viewing, 1 a little harder to view but great products either way, One of the 2-3 places i would buy again without second thought, thanks musha good work!


Extremely impressed with my purchase nearly 3 weeks ago from UKMUSHA, vendor and nicest guy in the world. He didn't have what I needed and went way, way out of his own way to get it for my microscope. I also purchased a kit for my gourmet mushrooms and it is doing extremely well. Outstanding communication. This vendor is truly out to help people, wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again. 10/10.

Review of UKmusha

Bought some spores and 2 dark pots from ukmusha last week, parcel showed up the very next day and I'm extremely happy with their service, oh I got a free sticker too! Keep up the good work mate, top service ????????

UKMusha review

Ordered 2 liquid stickers (ecuador and KSSS) from him, both came in about 14 working days (UK->Eastern Europe). The growth was magnificent on both of them, but the KSSS plates all developed trich, the ecuador on the other hand has had no contam whatsoever so far (1.5 months and ~20 plates and 4 transfers later). Messaged him to ask if maybe i could get a reship on the KSSS which he did and also included an Escondido sticker which I’m eager to try out. Excellent customer service, thanks UKMusha!!


Ukmusha is the best Quick communication and has done nothing but helped me for days on end Can not recommended enough Love you guys ????????????????????

review of ukmusha (r/ukmusha)

fast delivery in two days gave me some beginner tips bought his homemade kit as its my first time honestly good seller would buy from again

Review of /u/ukmusha

Fast delivery and well packaged. Spore syringe came with plemty of alcohol wipes and a cool sticker ???? very dense solution will be extremely easy to see under a microscope. Thanks musha ????

Uk Musha for the win

Just had a fantastic experience with Uk musha. A good selection, delivered quickly from fantastic people. 5* service.

Ukmusha review

Fantastic fast delivery and the quality of spore is much better than another popular nordic spore supplier in the uk. Thanks Bro

Ukmusha review

Fantastic fast delivery. (Next day) and the quality of spore is much better than a well advertised nordic named supplier here in the UK. Cant wait to get some more in the future! Thanks