• Pink Oyster Spawn

Only available to UK destinations. We are unable to export this product.

The Pink Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus Djamor) is one of the easiest mushrooms for home cultivators to grow. This oyster mushroom enjoys warmer temperatures, so is suitable for cultivating during warmer months.

Pink oyster spawn - 100g bags

Ready to inoculate substrate, such as pasteurised straw.

100g of this spawn is enough to inoculate between 2 to 4kg of wet straw or other wet mushroom substrate. We recommend 2kg for faster colonisation.

Natural substrate

Hardwood, thought it is commonly and commercially grown on straw

Incubation temperature

Room temperature: 20 - 22°C

13 - 16 days
Primordia induction temperature



85 - 90 %

Fruiting temperature




The pictures of the growing mushrooms are for illustrative purposes. What you are buying is 100 grams of the grain spawn.

From 1 January 2021, in order to export live mycelium to the EU, including all gourmet mushroom spawn, we have to acquire UK government issued phytosanitary certificates for each batch of product shipped.  This is well beyond the scope of our resources. So we will be restricting the sale of products to overseas markets and are in the process of launching a new website and business dedicated to the our customers overseas.

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Pink Oyster Spawn

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